So, I just did my taxes. I use TurboTax™ – we’ve used it for years and it always seems to work pretty well, so why mess with what ain’t broke, right?

I didn’t really expect it to be a heart-wrenching experience, though.  Guess I should have realized that the program would ask about Meghan right off the bat, but I didn’t.  So that was hard.

And then, we get to the end, and my PIN from last year was a number associated with “Dick,” formerly known as the man I loved.  Sigh.

Thank you, TurboTax™, for the double whammy this morning.

In other news, The Walking Dead returns for the second half of season three today…woohoo!  I’ve been watching old episodes all weekend, so I am definitely ready. The bad news is TWD and Downton Abbey are on at the same time.  Boo, hiss, but thank goodness for my DVR!

Just out of curiosity, which would you watch, while the other DVRs?