[There is a person I go to with questions of theology.  My pastor, you ask?  Nope.  A teacher?  No.  Who is this brilliant and insightful person that I always go to first with questions of spirituality?  My sister, Melissa.  Her brain thinks in ways completely unique to the rest of us…there is an abstractness about her that I adore, because I always get a new perspective.  Also?  HUGE Star Wars fan!  The combination of these two traits made her perfect to be a guest blogger for this week’s POTSC Never Beyond campaign poster.  I hope you enjoy! ]


From Melissa:

Disclaimer: I am guest writing this blog. I have no experience in this arena and I have been forced against my will to produce this document.  My thoughts ramble when I think about good/evil forgiveness/reconciliation and things of spiritual thought.  You may now continue….


It is May 25, 1977, and families pack the theatres to see this awesome new movie called Star Wars.  Imagine, if you will, the whiny, reluctant savior – who is also so very handsome, by the way – Luke Skywalker, as he goes to fight the evil and wicked Darth Vader who is out to destroy the Universe and everything that is good.  Led by the genuine and true Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Jedi Master, Skywalker really shows how badass he is and, paired with the hunky Han Solo and pretty Princess Leia, the trio goes on to destroy the Death Star, eventually getting medals for their general awesomeness….

Now imagine the theatres for The Empire Strikes Back in 1980… and the general glee and excitement in 1983 when Return of the Jedi premiered

Every 3 years, George Lucas wowed the world with the story of Good (Luke Skywalker) versus Evil (Darth Vader).  By the end of the last film, we know that

  1. Darth Vader is Skywalker’s father
  2. Leia is Skywalker’s sister, and
  3. Darth Vader saves his son and some glimpse of goodness is seen in his life, afterall.

POTSC Never Beyond campaign

Dizzying, isn’t it?

Now imagine, 16 years later, in 1999, a new Star Wars is released. But, wait!  All of the episodes already seen actually were the middle and now viewers get to see the REAL episode one…….


Honestly, as a child born in the 70s, I should have been on board for this continuing saga, but Star Wars never really “did” it for me.  I didn’t care in 1999 to watch the prequel, basis of the original story, or foundation for a movie that always seemed, well – dorky – to me.  So, needless to say, I didn’t care about the following films’ release in 2002.  Or, for that matter, the one released in 2005.

Fast-forward to 2009 – personally, one of the greatest summers of all time, but that is another story – and this is the year a dear friend convinced me to sit with him and watch the entire 6 episodes of Star Wars. Sitting in my living room with who I now consider to be a god-like figure in all things Star Wars, I watched the beautifully tragic saga unfold.  But, you see, my viewing pleasure began with episode 3 instead of 1.  I began watching Star Wars as a young Anakin, later said to be the “Chosen One” fights his way out of a life as a slave, born to a virgin mother, and taught by the good and virtuous Jedi Masters.  Being that I had no idea of who this Anakin really was, I thought I was watching the young life of Luke Skywalker – because, really – he’s the CHOSEN ONE, right?  Imagine my surprise when I find out that all of my pre-conceived notions of the evil Darth Vader are squashed as I see that Darth Vader began life as THE one who would bring balance to the Universe…

Basically, what I am saying is this – my perspective of Darth Vader is far more sympathetic than the original viewers in 1977.  George Lucas allowed his fans to see the WHOLE story of Darth Vader, but with a twisted, albeit genius, approach.  In my opinion, he really turned the whole idea of good/evil inside out when he released the 4th/1st episode in 1999 and depicted a completely different side to the hated Darth Vader.  As a late blooming Star Wars aficionado, I was able to see the story from a distance, from beginning to end, despite the issue of time continuum that obviously disturbed the flow of the story, as told by Mr. Lucas.


…. able to see the bigger picture…  able to see the redemption in a severely flawed individual who also delivered the Universe to a sense of Balance…


To be honest, I was crushed when I realized that Anakin could have such a darkness in him, that he could neglect his true love for the love of power.  The original viewers only saw him as the monster he had become.  But I got to see him from childhood through the sad story called his life.  Does the viewers’ completed knowledge of his entire life absolve him from the dastardly deeds he performed during the latter part of life?  No, not at all.  But, it is true that Darth Vader made his amends with the person with whom it mattered most – his son, Luke Skywalker.  The same son who restored Balance to the Universe, since his life was spared by his father….

In Star Wars, the main theme was taking down the Force from within – and it served the opposite Force well.  But, in the bigger picture, George Lucas allowed us to frame a man both with the lens of seeing the outside first – and then with the lens of seeing the inside first.

At what point in your life would you like to first be introduced to people?  Does your story begin with that one huge transgression you chose to make – you know the one, the one you hope no one ever hears about, reads about, sees, or acknowledges ever happened?  Or, do you want the story to start on the best day of your life?

Let me make this more personal….

At what point in my life would I like to first be introduced to people?  Does my story begin with that one huge transgression I chose to make – the one I hope no one ever hears about, reads about, sees, or acknowledges ever happened?  Or, does my story to start on the best day of my life? The one that begins with a second chance?

Darth Vader has already been given a second chance.  His creator – George Lucas – did that when he introduced Episode 1.  The question now is this – will you – will I – do the same for ourselves?


May the force be with you, “Chosen One”…..