On July 23rd, 1976 my best friend was born.

Growing up, we didn’t always get along – but that’s just sisters, right? We argued, fussed, and fought, at times, like cats and dogs.

We ignored advice from our parents to be nice to each other – “One day you’re going to APPRECIATE your sister!”

After high school, I kind of went my own way (a dark and somewhat depressing way, which really does not need to be discussed here), while she went hers. Oh, we spoke and spent time together, of course, and hopefully she knew what she meant to me, but in those days I was a bit of a mess, so I’m sure it was difficult for anyone close to me to believe I cared.

In the last ten years or so, we’ve grown exponentially closer; the last two years, though, have really proven out our parents’ early admonition. I truly do appreciate my sister. Beyond that, I cherish her – her spirit, her light, her laughter, and her heart.

There is no one in the whole entire world who understands me better than she does. With my sister, I am able to share the truth of my soul.

I am her biggest fan – she is my sissy-pooh, my best friend, my confidante, my ride-or-die chick.

I could go on for days, but she likes bullet points. Let me just end by saying…